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Pam Brittan : Spirit Shows the Way

...I attended church as often as I could and started to go to the development circle again. This seemed to be the only bit of sanity left to me. Anne decided she would take me under her wing; she took me along to a couple of churches to work with her initially, then put my name forward to attend the ‘novice scheme’ at the church, for training mediums in their presentation on the rostrum. Now, no-one can give you the gift of mediumship, that is yours, but this kind of scheme enables you to stand in front of an audience and to understand how to present your messages from the spirit world as well as giving a talk to inspire and bring joy to the people. I was very reluctant to attend this course at first because of all the ‘stuff’ going on in my personal life, but concentrating on something else so worthwhile was a real-life saver…

          …One day during meditation, I asked my Indian brave what his name was and he told me, “Crowfoot.” “What a silly name,” I thought, this has got to be from my own imagination; indeed, I even said as much to him and asked for physical proof before I could believe those words. Haven’t I got a cheek, questioning those in the spirit world? But it was me I doubted, not them, because I’d learned that you only have to ask and they will answer.

          Soon afterwards, while travelling to a church along the M5/M6 corridor, which is notorious for traffic jams, a van came alongside me and completely cut me up so that I had to brake suddenly. The company name on the back of the van was ‘Crowfoot Carriers’! I was astonished and said out loud to myself that if ever there was physical proof then this was it; I thanked Crowfoot for this evidence and carried on with my journey. Crowfoot was the first guide made known to me, although other guides came to me later as I developed my spiritual gift.

          I have learned that guides and angels are with us whether we pursue a spiritual path or not. Many people ask what the difference is between them. Well, guides have lived on this Earth and have had experience of life – they may even have lived many lifetimes – so they understand the complexities of our times as human beings. Angels are from another dimensional level, though; they have never lived on Earth and are spirit beings helping mankind in various areas of our lives. We are all blessed with a guardian angel who has the task of safeguarding us right from the beginning of our journey throughout this lifetime.  

          Here’s another indication of how we must trust Spirit and what they are saying. It came when serving a church on my own for the very first time. I was asked to step into the medium’s room and sit quietly before coming into the church. I was almost shaking with nerves, despite my travelling companion Val sitting in the church, having assured me that everything was going to be fine. In that room, I closed my eyes and did a short meditation asking for help and guidance: I was told I had to go to ‘the lady in a purple coat’, so now I felt ready and sure they had given me the right information.

          I went onto the rostrum on my own for the first time and looked around – but there was no lady with a purple coat! I led the congregation in a prayer and then we began singing the first hymn, all the time with me scanning the audience. Just as we got to the last verse of the hymn, in walked the lady wearing a purple coat. Was I relieved! I have learned that people often let you down, but Spirit never will. Here was clear proof, because of course I had not seen a purple coat when I’d come into the church. Spirit will always guide and help you if you just listen to them.