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Sandra Bray: Odd Days of Heaven

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13th March ~ Watching Uplifting Movies and Programmes


When we watch or listen to programmes containing arguments, malice, victimisation, shouting and screaming or much worse, our bodies can physically react to the low vibration of the programme’s content. Our solar plexus energy centre is where we sense our emotions and, if becoming unbalanced, the area can become jittery and not feel at all its usual calm self in reaction to the external low vibration.

            This poses the suggestion for us deliberately to watch movies and programmes that uplift us rather than the opposite. This is not to bury our heads in the sand and ignore events and current affairs that have an impact upon the world around us, but to encourage us in thinking about what we watch in terms of violence and malice and the insidious effect these can have on our lives and for our families.

            Likewise, let’s extend this to be mindful of what kind of music we listen to. Some radio frequencies are believed to have a negative effect upon us too. Further, if we listen to some of the lyrics in songs, then there’s a double impact when they contain extreme negativity; if sung for long or loud enough, or heard often enough, they have the same impact as a life-affirming mantra except that now they have the opposite potential for creating dis-ease in our bodies.


15th March ~ Nike


Nike is the Greek winged goddess of victory who liked to win and represents strength and success. However, at what cost does winning arrive? Of course it is good to overcome difficulties and win through at the end of an ordeal; but perhaps a win-win outcome could be a much better prospect to be considered in some circumstances.

            Today, let us take a little time to reflect upon our behaviours and characteristics when winning, whether it’s an outright competition, a race, winning in a job situation or arranging an outcome to achieve our desires.

            Being magnanimous towards others when coming first exhibits our regard for their efforts rather than being dismissive of them. Respecting their efforts and honouring them for being worthy competitors - and voicing these congratulatory words - could encourage them in their future endeavours. Acknowledging fellow competitors for their expertise encourages us in turn to push ourselves to achieve more.

            Let’s think about our behaviours both in the past and currently for a while and reflect whether a balance should be found so that we can all applaud achievers, irrelevant of what it is they have achieved. Even the apparently smallest milestone for one person can be a massive achievement for another, which equally deserves respect and acknowledgement.


17th March ~ St Patrick’s Day

Today we celebrate the Irish patron saint St Patrick. History records that he was of Scottish descent but taken captive by the Irish and kept as a slave in his younger years. The well-known Irish Blessing is as relevant today as in yesteryear:

                        “May you always walk in sunshine.

                        May you never want for more.

                        May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door.”

If we all wish that for the people we meet from today, what a lot of happiness can be spread around the world! In fact, why not start with sending this verse as an email to friends today, or attach it to our Facebook pages, or if a more personal touch is preferred then write the verse and post it.