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Welcome! The journey begins...

POWER FOR GOOD by David J Serlin

A dazzling golden orb of brilliant light illuminated the faces of the four figures sitting round a large, glistening white marble table. Hunched over and deep in conversation, they were clearly discussing something of great importance. Then one of the figures stood up and beckoned to another standing some way in the distance. He spoke in a soft, mellow tone, choosing his words carefully.

          “It is time to leave,” he said, barely concealing the sadness in his voice. “Your mission is set, there can be no turning back.” Then his tone lifted as if he had recognised the underlying joy of the event. “You will be embarking on an amazing adventure, during which you will experience the many facets of Spirit. You will receive enlightened thoughts – the principles. We only ask that you live your life according to ‘the Law’ and share your understanding with all who will listen...” Then he paused again as if waiting for instruction or pondering a further thought.

          “One other thing... You will have free will to accept or refuse the many invitations that may come your way. We will always be there to guide and inspire you, if you so choose, but we cannot – and will not – try to influence your path or lead you one way or another.”

          I was listening intently but a strange, magnetic feeling seemed to be pulling me away from these, my teachers and friends. I tried to resist but the four figures quickly faded, and I knew that I would be leaving the presence of the Enlightened Ones for a while. A vaporous mist engulfed the scene and they disappeared, ghost-like, leaving me alone.

          In the far distance, I heard the faint words, “By the way, you will soon forget all about this.”

          Then the alarm clock rang with an unfriendly shrillness and I awoke with a start.

          “Wow, that was some strange dream!”

          I cleared my head, stretched my arms, yawned and got out of bed, drew back the curtains and contemplated the day ahead. The morning sun poured in, promising a good one. After breakfast, the `phone rang. It was my girlfriend, Linda. We were both really into yoga at the time and had been looking for an interesting course or retreat to do together. She seemed excited.

          “Look, I had to call you. I’ve just heard about this amazing place near Stansted where they run yoga courses. What do you think?”

          “Sounds great,” I responded, not really listening to her every word as she was prone to over-exuberance, but I went along with it. “Check out the dates and let me know.” An hour later the `phone rang again.

          “Sorry,” she apologised, “I must have got it wrong. I called Stansted Hall and they no longer run yoga courses there but…” I waited. “They invited us to join one of their Spiritual Awareness Weeks. Shall we go?”

          She sounded so enthusiastic I couldn’t let her down, though I had no idea what she was talking about or what we were letting ourselves in for. Then I was stirred by some strange and sudden impulse.

          “Yes, sure,” I found myself saying, “let’s go for it.”

          And that was it, the first of many ‘invitations’ we both felt impelled to accept. Thank heavens we did, as it was to open the door to many amazing new experiences and lead us both into a whole new world of incredible possibilities.




The room was silent and dark save for the soft, low light of a solitary lamp that cast an eerie, shadowy glow. We sat among strangers, a light tension of expectation hovering around each one.

          Then it began…

          A voice echoed from an empty corner of the room, faint at first like a whisper, straining for breath and almost choking with emotion. Gradually it gained strength.

          “Lily… It’s… John... It’s me…”

          An elderly lady in the audience cried out in startled recognition and joy.
          “John! Is that really you?” Her tears of relief and love flowed.

          And then there was silence again as a misty cloud of white substance, ectoplasm, swirled and shrouded the sleeping medium. We could barely believe what we had just experienced. But this was no dream.