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Alison Wynne-Ryder: The Quirky Medium

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Of all the people that would eventually become a clairvoyant medium, I am probably one of the most unlikely. I was always frightened of death and ghosts! But let me share some ‘shivers down the spine’ moments of my life.

At nine years old I remember playing in my bedroom when I heard the door open. I thought it was my Mum coming in to check on me but to my horror there was nobody present. As I watched, the door proceeded to close by itself and emitted an eerie, violent scraping sound similar to that of someone dragging their nails down a blackboard. I was completely frozen and paralysed with fear. My ears rang with a loud heart-rending scream that echoed throughout the entire room. A few moments later as I sat in shock, I realised that the scream had in fact emanated from me and had bolted out from the very bottom of my lungs… Adrenaline coursed through my body and I knew that I had to get out of there fast. The next thing I remember was hurtling down the stairs at breakneck speed, crashing into my Mum who had come to investigate the commotion. She looked petrified but she certainly didn’t let on. Once she’d managed to calm me down, she marched me up the stairs into the bedroom and opened the door. 

“There,” she said, “it’s just that the door needs oiling and there is nothing to worry about. There is always a normal explanation for everything.” I preferred my Mum’s interpretation of events because the alternative didn’t bear thinking about.

Little did I know that there was far more to come. Far, far more.

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